In 2013 a group of Lithuanian biotech engineers realized that many nowadays problems faced by agriculture and environment sectors could be solved by the solutions they had. That gave an impulse to set up BIOVERSIO.


Products That Make a Change

BIOVERSIO is a modern laboratory that develops and produces various biological preparations for environment and agriculture sectors.

Every day our biotech engineers create effective, environmentally friendly and high return products, and provide innovative environmental solutions.


Created by Our Hands

The essence of BIOVERSIO products – unique microorganisms collected from the soil and nature by our hands.

We work in a way that you do not have to sacrifice one advantage over the other – BIOVERSIO products are affordable with rapid rates of return, harmless to people and the environment.


The Problem – a START Point of Our Work

Our products and technologies are based on the use of bacteria or other microorganisms. After identifying the problem in business, agriculture or personal household, we look for the right microorganism in nature, to tackle this problem. It is definitely a long and diligent work.

Following the identification of the preferred species of microorganisms, we isolate them and select those that have the strongest potential in performing the required functions and are suitable for growth in bioreactors.

We test every product and technology, commission studies in accredited institutions and release our products to the market when the evidence of efficiency and cost-effectiveness is acquired. We put much effort, so we guarantee that partners are fully happy with our products.

Contact us

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